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    - composer, filmmaker, and producer specialized in composing original music and sound design for video games, cinema and TV in a wide variety of styles.


Om is a physical sound, a vibration, a voice of creation. Hood has different meanings: sure, you can wear a hood, and when hood means community it can wear you. As Omhood, my interest lies in the possibilities of sound and community and how these meet, co-mingle and moodify game worlds. These interceptions are complex, so I think of soundtracks as sonic puzzles. Sonic puzzles that form aural gateways , guides and seers for the players in game worlds.

As a composer, filmmaker and theater performer, I've worked in Russia, UK, Germany, the US and Canada. Over the last few years I've worked extensively with Jozy Fever, brilliant singer/songwriter from Montreal. In our acoustic-electric duo Kinzaza we produced #1 in Shambala, our debut album, distributed by Narada/EMI that reached #2 in the World/New Age radio charts. We also produced and performed over 100 songs for The World Anthology of Kid's Music under the name The Toes. The tracks previewed on this page were composed for a video game, commissioned by 2K Sports Inc. Please check them out… and may the Om be with you.

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